it slides by like a train thru the night
picking up speed as it goes
until the milk train of old
has been reincarnated
as the ICE train
of now


you can't go back

it depresses to
linger on the
of what
may have
been or could
have been over


but it is fruitless to dwell
on the past because the
past is gone

all is gone

only the future is left
to live for, to strive
to be what I can
rather than
what I

today I decided

I am not writing a novel
I am not becoming an artist
I am not riding a bike
I am not kayaking
I am not

today I decided

I will cook for others for the joy
I will write meandering prose for fun
I will color what others have drawn to entertain
I will read what others have wrote to enjoy
I will create handcrafted wooden boxes for fun
I will walk to enjoy the world while I am here

time gets us all in the end

my time will be filled
with what I enjoy
not what I think
I should or
can do

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